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To be crystal clear, healing crystals serve as tools to assist with a person's spiritual journey. They are all natural, energy expelling and dispelling; and promote alignment between the mind, body, and soul. AND there is literally a crystal for everything. Sex life sucks? Carnelian! Dealing with low vibrating energy? Maybe a hater or three? Black Tourmaline! Suffer from anxiety attacks or negative self talk? Jade! The list is never-ending. 

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Healing Crystals 101: Text


Reality: Authentic crystals are of the earth, and vary in shape, color, and size. They have been used as a method of healing, since the beginning of time. All stones hold unique properties and energy, but one must always be willing to do the work in order to be rewarded! 

Misconception #1: "Using crystals is the same as praising objects. Which means its GOT to be witch-craft." 

Misconception #2: "I purchased a healing crystal before and nothing changed? I'm not healed. Its clearly a scam."


There is a crystal for ALL things! Grief, heartbreak, low libido, self-confidence, and the list literally does not stop. Only you have what you need to improve in any aspect of your life;  but, crystals serve as tools to help you get there faster. (The human body is connected to nature, which is how we are able to connect with the energy of authentic crystals.) Note: They can be worn in jewelry, set on chakra point(s), placed in pocket/purse, just for decor, or etc...)


With all due respect, my crystals are selected, with the support, guidance, and protection of my Ancestors! Additionally:​

  • I conduct extensive vendor and product research prior to purchase

  • Crystal examination and testing (Magnifying Glass, Scratch, Density, and/or Light Tests)

  • All crystals are purchased from local or small businesses with reputable sellers.


I am a natural skeptic, so I understand! I only offer crystals I have had experience with, use regularly  during my own meditation practices, and/or educated myself on the properties. (Additional stones are available by request.) Each stone below has played a significant part in my own spiritual journey, so I can actually vouch for their energetic abilities. My favorites thus far are: 

  • Carnelian for creativity, courage, and confidence;

  • Jade for wealth and financial discipline;

  • Moonstone for emotional and fertility health;

  • Mookaite to connect to my ancestral power, the earth, and remain grounded;

  • Turitella - Connect with ancestors and spiritual elevation

  • Clear Quartz - Amplify energy of other stones

Note: Your use of these same stones may be for different purposes. All healing journeys are different! 

Healing Crystals 101: List
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