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Crystal Descriptions: Files


Relieves stress and balances mood swings; assists with insomnia and dream recollection; boosts the immune system; and enhances psychic abilities and sobriety.


Aquamarine is a stone of tranquility; which reduces stress, increases compassion, decreases judgemental thoughts, calms anger, helps release harmful thoughts, and activates the throat chakra to encourage having open conversations!


Primarily connected to the sacral chakra. This is a crystal that helps build courage; fuel desire; increase creativity and sexual energy; and gives a boost in confidence! (Can also help with lack of motivation or low sex drive.) 


A highly vibrational mineral and literally means "heavenly." Alongside calming properties, this stone will help with spiritual development, raise conscious awareness, create/ maintain inner harmony.


Also known as the “merchant” or “money” stone, this crystal enhances mental clarity, sparks creativity, and promotes personal will. In addition, you will be able to Manifest abundance, reach your financial goals, increase your energy (helps with chronic fatigue), ease menstrual cramps, bring out inner strength, and block negativity.

Green Nephrite Jade

Promotes peace, tranquility, abundance, and protection. (We also ALL know it’s the money stone, but attracting wealth is more than just wanting to be materially rich.) Additionally, If you are suffering from anxiety; wanting to experience calm during a mental storm; or just hoping to stay peaceful and positive, in general, this is the best crystal for you. .


Highlights self-awareness, self esteem, accountability, overcoming insecurities, dispels negative self talk and thoughts, and helps block energy vampires. (People who seem to “suck the life” out of you every time you interact.)


 Break free from learned behaviors and limiting beliefs! You start healing your family by healing yourself. This crystal provides grounding energy, alongside increased clarity and intuition. Part of the Jasper family, mookaite will open your eyes to your highest potential. While using this crystal - you’ll also Reconnect with nature, release stress, and make difficult decisions with ease.


A stone of strength, discipline, and balance. (And one of my top favorite!) Seeking willpower? determination? Protection? Black Onyx gives you what you need to push yourself towards goals, while keeping you focused and spiritually protected.


Strengthens the connection with self - increasing awareness and encouraging spiritual enlightenment. Known to assist with Spiritual awakenings, Opal encourages us to accept things and people as they are, releasing the need to control outcomes, and regretful/resentful though.


To those who are committed in their spiritual journey, this crystal highlight self awareness, deepens spiritual intellect, and helps you connect with your highest self. Used by shamans, healers, and those alike, it clears stagnant energy, blockages, and unwanted habits.


Eases anxiety and stress, promotes clarity, calm, and focus, and clears blocked energy. Selenite is also used as an alternative to charge other crystals.


Protection from EMF (electromagnetic fields), enhances meditation, promtoes peace, cleanses and recharges other crystals.


Helps ease panic and anxiety attacks, assist with managing anger, balancing emotions, and restoring self confidence.

Tiger's Eye

A crystal offering protection and strength. It helps block negative energy and any evil eye you may be receiving, while also preparing you to stand tall while dealing with any mental, emotional or physical attacks.

Tree Agate

Helps one connect with nature and promotes grounding. Also called the meditation stone, tree agate can help one deal with trauma, grief, and stress, as it holds calming properties, and clears up energy blocks!

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